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I work with adult individuals as well as couples, using an approach that is both insight-oriented and solution-focused.  Informed by a range of theoretical orientations, my work also honors how mindfulness and meditation contribute to emotional growth and well-being. I know the importance of feeling understood, and listen deeply.  My goal is to help my clients gain a richer understanding of their inner worlds, so they can feel better, develop a stronger sense of self, experience greater intimacy with others, and reach their full potential.

Many people find talking with a professional invaluable when struggling with symptoms such as depression and anxiety, conflicts with loved ones, grief and loss, addiction, eating disorders, questions around sexual orientation, career stagnation, or simply when seeking to cope better with daily living.  Together, we examine the relationship between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and explore how early experiences may contribute to current-day distress.

Psychotherapy can help you to:

  • improve communications with loved ones;
  • develop new and more effective coping strategies;
  • create and achieve goals for health and wellness;
  • make peace with emotional eating;
  • reduce reliance on drugs and alcohol;
  • gain confidence in parenting skills;
  • manage stress and improve resilience;
  • navigate essential life transitions;
  • identify dysfunctional patterns in relationships;
  • understand underlying dynamics that may contribute to symptoms; and
  • cultivate compassion for self and others.
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Psychotherapy sessions are held in my private Beverly Hills office, conveniently located on the Westside of Los Angeles.  

If you are currently experiencing a psychiatric emergency, please call 911, or go to your nearest Emergency Room for treatment.

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