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Today’s organizations need customized solutions for developing their key talent.  An executive coach who is expert both in human behavior and in organizational dynamics can address the complexities of individuals and the unique institutional cultures of which they’re a part.

My executive coaching practice is founded on insight, expertise, and discretion.  I have been retained by the HR, Legal and Talent Management teams of Fortune 500 corporations, and by the Boards of select charitable and educational non-profits.  As a trusted thought partner to C-suite executives, heads of major business units, and high-potential professionals, I have successfully led engagements aimed at enhancing executive presence, correcting potentially derailing behaviors, improving workplace relationships, and energizing team dynamics.

Individual coaching engagements are typically structured to include in-depth personal assessments designed to identify management and leadership styles.  After receiving feedback that highlights strengths to build on and targets suggestions for development, the executive creates a personal action plan with specific goals and objectives for success. The process focuses on developing greater self-awareness and broadening leadership competencies, resulting in enhanced confidence, influence, and interpersonal effectiveness.

I also help organizations create environments that foster the growth of high-performing teams. Team coaching assesses and builds on core competencies such as trust, conflict resolution, communications, risk taking, innovation, ownership and accountability. When teams develop the capacity for self-reflection, they can identify obstacles to productivity and make the necessary corrections to achieve desired results.

My coaching practice has reached across multiple industries including entertainment, financial services, consumer products, legal services, media, real estate development, education, and select non-profit organizations.

Coaching sessions may be held in my office, at your place of work, or, if you’re based outside of Los Angeles, via phone or Skype.

Coaching is not meant to treat emotional disorders, as defined by the American Psychiatric Association, nor is it a substitute for psychotherapy, mental health care, or substance abuse treatment. If I believe you have a concern that would benefit from psychotherapy, I will make an appropriate referral.

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